Statistics: How you are accessing our new site

Here are some simple statistics on the technology you have been using to access our new website in the first 16 days since its launch.

The big news is that mobile devices have officially overtaken desktop PCs and currently make up 52 per cent of all visits to our new site.

With 52% of visits, mobile devices have overtaken desktop in visits to our new site.

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New website – 2 weeks since launch

It’s now been two weeks since our new site launched, and hopefully you’re getting used to the changes we’ve made. Behind the scenes, the team have been monitoring services and analysing feedback to log and prioritise fixes and improvements.

Shortly after launch we posted on this blog with replies to some of the most common questions we had received through your feedback. Here is an updated summary of the more recent feedback themes and what we’ve done about them, along with a site usage update.

Planned Works

Tube weekend closures are available from the Status Updates page

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International DfE Awards: Another win for new site

Following on from last year’s double win at the User Experience UK Awards, our new website has enjoyed more success after picking up the award for best Mobile Solution or Application at the inaugural International Design for Experience Awards.

TfL, New Website, Award

The new TfL website has won best Mobile Solution or Application at the DfE Awards.

UX Magazine, sponsors of the awards, had this to say about our new mobile-friendly site scooping the prize:

Working in collaboration with TfL’s online marketing team and build partner Detica, we are experience set out to create a responsive site that would work on any device and provide a consistent experience—bringing together big data, live updates, and location-based services for the world’s most complex public transport network.

A clearly outlined design process that would be very easy to use as aresource for teaching, a solid roll-out strategy, a good system for collecting and synthesizing customer feedback, and analytics to support their story all made an impression on the judges.

See all the DfE award winners here.

Bus route and area map files

We’ve added the quadrant maps and central London route maps to the new site today.

For the bus route maps (or spider maps as many refer to them) we have put a link back to them on our old site until we are ready to publish them on the new site.

You can find these maps at

TfL Bus Maps

We’ve added a link back to bus route ‘spider’ maps on our old site while we work on adding them to the new site.

New website: Your questions answered

Since the new website launched on Monday evening it has served over 6 million pages in 1 million visits from 900,000 customers. This is a little more than normal, reflecting the increased interest around the new site.

TfL website page views

Page views from first two days of new TfL website

Your feedback

We’ve also received plenty of useful feedback with the full range of opinions, from the site being great through to hopelessly flawed. In this post I’ll try and address some of your key questions and explain our thinking a little.

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New website launched today

You’ll notice a change at today as we’ve switched over completely to our new website.

We’ve been trialling it in beta since mid 2013 and adding elements, but it’s now become ready to replace the old desktop and mobile site.

TfL, Home Page, New Website

The brand new TfL website has just launched, with a fresh design and new and improved features.

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Video: Introducing the new TfL website

The posts on this blog have kept you up to date on the design and development of our new website and given you a look behind the scenes as the build has progressed.

With the new site just about to launch, this short video summarises the key features and improvements we’ve made and what you can expect from the new site.