New Release into Beta: Nearby



Today we’ve launched the third major release into our ever-improving beta site.  This one has two cool new tools to help you get around London using all the services that we have to offer.

Nearby is a completely new tool which places you on a map and shows you all the Tube, bus, river, Overground, DLR, National Rail and Cycle Hire locations around you.

You can interact with these on the map and get live information for all of them (apart from National Rail, which we’ll add in due course).

In realtime you can see how many bikes or spaces are at local Barclays Cycle Hire docking stations, or which buses go from each stop, in which direction and when the next one is due.  You can find Tube, DLR or Overground departures this way too.

Nearby is reached from a button on the homepage.  It works really nicely on mobile and any location-aware device.  You can also type in or search for a location and see everything around that point.

Live Departures

The other new addition sits under the Live Departures button on the homepage, and it allows you to get to information about any station, stop or pier, interacting with a map or with objects on the page to get live arrivals, departures and status.  You can also plan journeys and see station facilities information.

SSP desktop

Coming soon…

Early in 2014 we will bring you the final release before we make the site fully live.  This contains search, fares information, timetables, interactive Tube maps and loads of additional content, fixes and improvements across the site.

As always we really value your feedback either through the comments section on this blog or in the beta website feedback section.

We hope you like these latest tools as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them – with your help we can make them even better.


  1. How does one persuade “Nearby” to “Use my Location”?
    Sometimes it sticks on “Finding location…” sometimes a message in red “Unable to find location. Try again”

        1. Your PC will depend on your internet service provider (ISP) to get your location for Nearby. This will never be as accurate as a good GPS fix on a mobile device, but is often adequate.

          If this does not work, or is not accurate then you can enter a station or stop manually and Nearby will centre on that spot.

          Firefox will ask for your permission to use your location and you may need to alter your browser settings to allow this before location services can be used.

          Some corporate networks restrict certain services and settings, preventing features from working and settings changes from being made.

          Hope that helps!!

  2. Hmm doesn’t seem to show any of the transport options nearby when I enter my postcode. I get a vanilla google map of my area but nothing else..

    Windows 7 PC – Internet Explorer 9

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