Month: February 2014


Website stats – Big numbers getting bigger

TfL’s Web Analysts look at how weather events and changing technology are impacting site traffic

An analyst likes unusual numbers – especially big ones, and a couple of what we call ‘weather events’ provided us with plenty of excitement in 2013. In October, the stormy weather saw record visits to TfL’s mobile website as commuters braved the adverse conditions to make their way to work. As those on the move sought out the latest travel information, nearly 730,000 visits were made to the mobile site on Monday October 28th, compared to 156,000 the previous Monday.

Looking back a little further, we had a record-breaking month in January 2013 as snow caused disruption to much of the country’s travel network . As the snow started to fall on January 18th, the desktop site was visited over a million times between 10am and 6pm – nearly 4 times the usual Friday traffic and TfL’s websites overall received nearly 5 million more visits during the month compared to the previous January (22m vs 17.3 m).

Visits to TfL's  mobile website 2013

October 28th 2013 saw nearly 730,000 visits to the TFL website

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Final release into TfL beta website

Today we’ve put the final features into our beta website.  This means it’s finished and ready to replace our existing site.  We’re going to run the two in parallel for a little while longer to give you the chance to comment on the new stuff and to check everything is working as expected. We’ll also use the time to make a few final tweaks and fix any major bugs.

Tube status update and interactive map

Tube status update

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