Tube strike: Tools to help you get around

As most people will by now be aware, members of the RMT union have proposed another strike on London Underground from 21:00 on Monday 5 May for 72 hours.

On our website, you can find Travel advice for Tube customers including more about the Tube services we plan to run, with detailed information on each line.

We also have a range of other tools on our website and social media channels that you can use to help you get around during the strike.

Our real-time Twitter feeds will help you plan your journey during the Tube strike
Our real-time Twitter feeds will help you plan your journey during the Tube strike

Social media updates during the strike

  • Follow @TfLTravelAlerts on Twitter for real-time updates on which services are running, and any disruptions being experienced across the network. This feed includes real-time info for Tube, DLR, Overground, trams and Emirates Air Line.
  • Follow @TfLBusAlerts for all the latest updates on any disruptions to the bus network with the expected increase in passengers using bus services.
  • Follow @TfLTrafficNews for real-time updates on London’s roads, which again, will be busier during the Tube strike.
  • Follow individual Tube lines’ own feeds for tailored information on those lines that are relevant to your planned journey. You can find details of all these Twitter feeds on the Social Media Updates page on our website.
Planned Works
Various tools on our new site including Journey Planner, Nearby and Status Updates will help you plan your journey during the Tube strike.

Tools on our site to help you plan your journey 

  • Live Status Updates – Lines has recently been improved to work on mobile devices, and is updated in real-time to show how all Tube services are running. Here you’ll also find updates on alternative modes of transport and information on station closures.
  • Live Status Updates – Stations takes you to the straight to the stations tab, offering details of any station closures, accessibility information and advice on alternative routes.
  • Our updated Journey Planner can help you plan alternative routes by public transport, cycling or walking if you are unable to travel via your preferred route. Journey Planner will route you round lines which are affected once services begin to operate tomorrow.
  • The new Nearby tool uses your current location or a postcode / address of your choice and places you on a map, showing you Tube, bus, river, Overground, DLR, National Rail and Cycle Hire locations around you.
  • Bus countdown shows you live arrivals an any of our bus stops, so you know when the next bus is coming


    1. Hi Rob, in the new site you can look at the stations which are closed or have other issues at and click on the stations tab – from tomorrow you’ll be able to use the link to go straight to the stations tab. The old page is still around too at but we can’t be sure to maintain that one.

  1. That link is broken to the services-we-expect-to-run page (caused by trailing full stop). And why does that page just consist of a downloadable PDF??! Please use HTML on websites.

    1. Hi there, thanks for spotting that link issue – it’s fixed up now. Take your point about the pdf – it’s not ideal and we do everything we can to simply use HTML. Hopefully we’ll be able to do so for the strike next week, should it go ahead.

  2. I’d just like to acknowledge that I consider this to be a reasonable and useful public service, and I see nothing on here abusing TfL communications channels to paint a one sided picture of the dispute. As such I would congratulate all involved. Keep up your genuinely good work.

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