Month: October 2014

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Journey Planner and Airports

In this post, I’m taking a look at how Journey Planner provides information on travelling to airports. This is very topical at the moment, with London Travel Watch (LTW) producing a report called Improving Public Transport Access to London Airports earlier this month. The report is available to download from this page.

For several years, the different airlines at Heathrow have been available as Points of Interest within Journey Planner. This means customers can enter their airline name to be routed directly to check-in, without needing to check which terminal they are flying from.  This information fully reflects the latest moves into Terminal 2.

The different airlines at Heathrow are included as Points of Interest within Journey Planner

The different airlines at Heathrow are included as Points of Interest, so you can be routed directly to check-in.

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Journey Planner and Accessibility

Myself and the Journey Planner team all attended the Access All Areas event at ExCeL London at the start of this month, which was a free public exhibition and conference about disabled and older people’s access to transport.

The event highlighted current and future innovations aimed at making it easier for everyone to get out and about in London. It also provided an opportunity for disabled and older people and their organisations to discuss priorities for accessibility with leaders in the transport field, whilst giving our team a valuable insight into how to further develop our information and options related to accessibility.

Journey Planner Accessibility

Journey Planner will provide customised journeys based upon your accessibility requirements

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