Month: May 2015


TfL website – How and when our traffic arrives

Following the previous post that looked at traffic stats a year on from the launch of our new website, this post delves further into our analytics with a focus on the devices and operating systems most commonly used to access the site. There’s also some interesting insights into how specific services on the site are accessed, as well as the way the time of day influences these metrics.

Device trends

Perhaps unsurpisingly, now receives more than half of its traffic (54%) from mobile phones. This is up from 44% in May 2014, when PCs and laptops still accounted for the bulk of visits, albeit marginally with 45%.

As the graph below shows, mobile phones overtook PCs in August of last year and have steadily increased their share ever since. At these rates of growth, the forecast is for at least 62% of our traffic coming from mobiles by this time next year.

Interestingly, tablets haven’t shared the same growth as mobiles, and visits from these devices have actually been slowing down. Their share of visits has declined from a peak of 11.2% in June & August 2014, to a low of 9.6% in April 2015.

Devices used to access the TfL site

Mobile phone access overtook PCs last August, and has increased ever since

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