Tube strike: Digital tools to help you

RMT, Unite and TSSA members are planning 24-hour strike action on the Tube from 18:30 on Wednesday 8 July, and ASLEF drivers are also planning 24-hour strike action on the Tube from 21:30 on Wednesday 8 July.

If the strike goes ahead, there will be no Tube service from late afternoon on Wednesday 8 July and no Tube service at all on Thursday 9 July. DLR, London Overground and TfL Rail staff are not on strike.

TfL Bus Alerts is one of several real-time Twitter feeds that can help you get around during the strike
TfL Bus Alerts is one of several real-time Twitter feeds that can help you get around during the strike

On our website, you can find travel advice for customers including a map for key bus routes in central London, a walking map and alternative bus services and walking routes for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. The Tube strike web page will be updated with the latest information.

We have a range of other tools on our website and social media channels that you can use to help you get around London during the strike.

Social media updates during the strike

  • Follow @TfLTravelAlerts on Twitter for real-time updates on which services are running, and any disruptions being experienced across the network. This feed includes real-time info for DLR, Overground, trams and Emirates Air Line.
  • Follow @TfLBusAlerts for all the latest updates on any disruptions to the bus network with the expected increase in passengers using bus services during the strike.
  • Follow @TfLTrafficNews for real-time updates on London’s roads, which again, will be busier during the Tube strike.
  • Follow @LDNOverground for real-time updates on Overground services.
  • Follow @TfLRail for real-time updates on all TfL Rail services
  • Follow @LondonDLR for real-time updates on DLR services.

Tools on our site to help you plan your journey 

  • Our Journey Planner can help you plan alternative routes by public transport, driving, cycling or walking if you are unable to travel via your preferred route.
  • Status Updates is updated in real-time and will show how all Overground, TfL Rail and DLR services are running. Here you’ll also find updates on buses, road traffic, trams, river buses, Emirates Airline and National Rail using the drop-down menu.
  • The Nearby tool uses your current location or a postcode / address of your choice and places you on a map, showing you bus, river, Overground, DLR, National Rail and Cycle Hire locations around you.
  • Bus countdown shows you live arrivals an any of our bus stops, so you know when the next bus is coming
Nearby Tool
Our Nearby tool places you on a map, showing you bus, river, Overground, DLR, National Rail and Cycle Hire locations around you during the Tube strike.


  1. Thanks for this- it’s very helpful to have a list of the tools available all in one place. However, it would be even better if TFL could combine efforts online with national rail information. For those of us trying to figure out alternative routes, we have to plan either bus routes with TFL or figure out national rail routes and then do a combination in our heads. A tool like that would be invaluable for Londoners every day but especially when there are strikes/suspended routes.

    1. Hi Emma, thanks for your comment. You can plan a journey with a combination of all TfL transport modes and National Rail services using Journey Planner. In the ‘Travel options and accessibility’ menu you can deselect Tube to plan for strike days, select ‘search outside London’, set maximum walking times, outline your accessibility requirements and so on, which should give you a complete overview of how to complete your journey.

  2. HI Stephen.
    your page doesn’t work properly. Sorry for posting it here, but there’s no other contact details of web-masters on
    So, the page accepts Penalty charge notice number, car registration number, spinning for a while and presents completely blank page in both – IE11 and Chrome 43.02357.

    Chrome also complaining about unsafe scripts on the page, but permission to load those scripts doesn’t change result.

    Hope you’ll fix it soon.

    Best regards, Dmitrij
    P.S. buying wildcard certificate is considered as bad security practice.

    1. Hi Dmitrij, thanks for letting me know. I’ll pass your comments on and the Online team will take a look at the page and fix any problems we’re having with it.

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