Month: September 2015


TfL website in the cloud – why and how

This post is designed to build on the previous posts within this blog that discuss TfL’s choice of cloud hosting for the website. Below are videos of Phil Young, the head of TfL Online, and Solution Architect Dan Mewett speaking about the TfL website and the cloud at events hosted by Amazon Web Services.

These videos provide a good overview of TfL’s choice and implementation of solution, offering insights into why we decided to switch to the cloud and how we’ve made it work.

Speaking at the AWS Government, Education, and Nonprofits UK Symposium 2014, Phil offers a brief intro to TfL and its online services, why we chose the cloud for hosting our new website, how the site was built and what our experiences were in the first 6 months or so after launch.

Dan was speaking at the 2015 AWS Summit London, focusing on issues such as how the cloud powers our services, auto scaling, security and disaster recovery in the cloud as well as other key aspects of our platform implementation.


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Meeting with Transport for All – planning accessible journeys

Senior members of the TfL Online, Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement teams met with representatives of Transport for All on Thursday. The meeting was called to discuss how TfL can improve the experience of using Journey Planner for wheelchair users and those with accessibility needs.

This gave us a great opportunity to engage with a very knowledgeable group who were able to give us valuable insights into how we can continue to make improvements to Journey Planner and the way we serve our information.

A key outcome for Transport for All is that these improvements will mean wheelchair users are not reliant on personal experience and knowledge of travelling in London, and are instead served more accurate, reliable information to plan journeys. It‘s crucial that those with accessibility needs aren’t put off making certain journeys due to any gaps or inaccuracies in the information they receive.

TfL members of staff discuss how to improve wheelchair users' experience of using Journey Planner with Transport for All.

TfL members of staff discuss how to improve wheelchair users’ experience of using Journey Planner with Transport for All.

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