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Join us for a TfL Open Data Evening at the AWS Loft on Thursday 21 April to gain a deeper understanding of how you can access and utilise TfL’s open data feeds through our Unified API.

Where and when

Venue: AWS Loft
Brew Eagle House 163 City Rd, London EC1V 1NR
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21 April 2016 18:30 – 20:30

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It was announced last week that over the course of the last six months, more than 2,000 new developers have signed up for access to our open data, making a total of around 8,200 developers now registered for TfL’s Unified API.

Almost 500 apps are now being directly powered by our open data, helping Londoners plan their journeys with real-time information about our public transport and road networks.

As Phil Young, Head of TfL Online explains:

“Across London, millions of people use apps powered by our open data to check the Tube, find a bus or see how the roads are running.

This same data powers our website, allowing customers to choose between using or simply downloading apps which are directly powered by us. We’re committed to making our information freely available to help stimulate new products and services.”

Following our Traffic Data Hack Day hosted by Amazon Web Services earlier this month, join us for this week’s AWS Loft event on Thursday 21 April at 6:30PM to find out more about our open data and how developers can work with it.

Following the Traffic Data Hack Day earlier this month, AWS are again hosting us for this week’s Loft session

Agenda and Speakers

Phil Young, Head of TfL Online – Welcome and introductions

Dan Mewett, Solution Architect, TfL Online – Updates to the TfL Unified API

Lucy Fish, Customer Strategy Lead, TfL Travel Demand Management  – Crowding data

Ryan Sweeney, Data Services Manager, TfL – Opening up TfL’s ticketing data

Roland Major, Enterprise Architect, TfL Information Management – Improving our traffic data, part 1 – TDES

Duncan Elder, TfL Travel Demand Management – Improving our traffic data, part 2 – Planned Road Closures – trialling a standardised way to share data

Register for the event here


  1. Hi,

    I was going to come to the event also to ask a question but there is no more room in it now… I could not get an answer for this question otherwise when I sent emails (to the wrong people? in TfL)… I really need it 🙂

    We are building a journey planner using your tube and bus feeds but some data is consistently corrupt and I have no way to fix it. We are using the URL to download the buses and tube XML feeds in a ZIP format.

    We have noticed that some of the data seems to be invalid. For example, if you look at the data for the Circle line, tfl_1-CIR-_-y05-330144.xml, you will see that it contains data about stops and journeys that have nothing to do with the Circle line. For example:

    grep -i “stamford brook” tfl_1-CIR-_-y05-330144.xml

    Stamford Brook

    Why is for example Stamford Brook mentioned in the Circle line XML? As we all know, this station has nothing to do with the Circle line. Going further:


    Stamford Brook




    Stamford Brook

    This means there is a Stamford Brook StopPoint with ATCO ID 9400ZZLUSFB2 mentioned for the Circle line.

    Going even further:







    Why are these entities mentioned in this Circle line XML file, if the Circle line never passes Stamford Brook?

    This causes huge issues in our application, which shows to our users that they need to take the Circle line to go to Stamford Brook, which makes no sense at all.

    Please let us know what is the planned resolution for this issue or what is the correct feed to use if this one is old or outdated?


    1. Hi Caroline, the source data you are looking at from the legacy syndicated feed is one that we have cleaned up for the Unified API. Information about stops, lines and routes are available from the Unified API /StopPoint and /Line endpoints. Please see the relevant blog posts, and for details.

      1. Tim, thanks.

        Is there an issue with the feeds I am using or just different API? Are you saying those feeds are outdated? It is what TfL offers developers on its portal…


  2. I attended the TfL Open Data event and very much enjoyed the session. I was told that the slides presented would be made available to attendees. Can you please send me a copy of the slides? Thank you. Chris Peacock

    1. Hi Chris, great to hear you enjoyed the event. Please keep an eye out on this blog on Monday, we’re aiming to publish the slides with a summary of the event then. Thanks.

        1. Hi Chris, looks like this will be tomorrow now. Apologies for the delay, should be first thing in the morning though.

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