Tube Strike – Tools to Help You Plan Your Journey

Tube station staff who are union members are striking for 24 hours from 18:00 on Sunday 8 January. Services are severely reduced and customers should aim to complete their Tube journeys by 18:00 on Monday. 

  • The strike is by station staff, which means many Tube stations may not open at all, particularly in Zone 1
  • This will mean severely reduced services, and a later 07:00 start to services on Monday
  • We will run the best service possible depending on how many employees are available
  • We expect normal services to resume by the morning of Tuesday 10 January

We have a variety of digital tools available to help you get around during the disruption.

Using our Status updates tool, you can check on the status of all modes of transport. Here you can see the Traffic status with detailed info
Using our Status updates tool, you can check on the status of all modes of transport. Here you can see the Stations status, with detailed info on all stations experiencing disruptions

On our website, you can find travel advice for customers including detailed information for all modes of transport. The Tube Strike web page will be regularly updated with the latest travel information.

We also have a range of other tools on our website and social media channels that you can use to help you get around London during the strike.

Social media updates during the strike

Last year, in partnership with Twitter, we introduced the ability to subscribe to instant alerts through Twitter direct messages, and have more recently added a new status checker tool, allowing you to instantly check the status of a line. Read more about these services, and how to access them.

As well as these services, you’ll also be able to get real-time information by following these accounts:

  • Follow @TfLTravelAlerts on Twitter for real-time updates on which services are running, and any disruptions being experienced across the network. This feed includes real-time info for DLR, Overground, trams and Emirates Air Line.
  • Follow @TfLBusAlerts for all the latest updates on any disruptions to the bus network with the expected increase in passengers using bus services during the strike.
  • Follow @TfLTrafficNews for real-time updates on London’s roads, which again, will be busier during the Tube strike.
  • Follow @LDNOverground for real-time updates on Overground services.
  • Follow @TfLRail for real-time updates on all TfL Rail services.
  • Follow @LondonDLR for real-time updates on DLR services.
  • Follow @TfLRiver for news and real-time updates on river services.

Tools on our website to help you plan your journey

  • Our Journey Planner can help you plan alternative routes by public transport, driving, cycling or walking if you are unable to travel via your preferred route.
  • Status Updates is updated in real-time and will show how all Tube, Overground, TfL Rail and DLR services are running, and you can also view individual stations’ status using the ‘Stations’ tab. Here you’ll also find updates on buses, road traffic, trams, river buses, Emirates Airline and National Rail using the drop-down menu.
  • The Nearby tool uses your current location or a postcode / address of your choice and places you on a map, showing you bus, river, Overground, DLR, National Rail and Cycle Hire locations around you.
  • View Live Arrivals for stations, stops and piers for bus, Overground, TfL Rail, DLR, river, tram and Emirates Airline services. Select the mode and route you require, and you’ll then be able to view live arrival times at a station, stop or pier of your choice.

    Real-time Twitter feeds
    Our real-time Tube and rail Twitter feeds are managed 24/7 by customer services and will help you plan your journey during the Tube strike

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