The Active Travel Hackathon is back on!

Join us on 12-13 June for the Transport for London (TfL), Met Office, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) London Hackathon at Amazon’s office in London. You will have the opportunity to compete against other teams of developers to create an innovative application that improves street environments and makes it easier for everyone to get around on foot or by bike. Help us to make London a city where people choose to walk and cycle more often by taking part in this hackathon. Register here now:

Posted by Dominik Malaisé

TfL Open Data & Partnerships

One Comment

  1. Diana Holderness May 23, 2018 at 12:34 pm

    What are lame people, disabled people, old and frail people to do if roads are taken over by pedestrians, bicyclists etc. When there is a Marathon those who cannot walk are stuck in their homes; and where there is no lift or moving staircase on undergrounds they have not that alternative. It should be possible for everyone to be able to get around and not just those who are strong and able bodied. Though very old I can do this, but I have friends in wheelchairs; those who can barely move and their lives are made hell when Marathons occur or where streets ban vehicles.



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