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TfL Host Visitors From Syracuse University, New York

We were delighted to welcome 35 students and their professors from Syracuse University in New York this week, as members of the TfL Online team presented our ‘digital journey,’ outlining the ways we continue to keep London moving through our use of technology and open data.  

TfL presentation

Technical Architect Tom Garratt talks the students and professors from Syracuse University through TfL’s open data story

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Late Debate at London Transport Museum Thursday 28 July 2016

Enjoy an evening of circuit training for the brain at London Transport Museum’s first ever Late Debate, which takes place on the evening of Thursday 28 July. Guests will be able to join a choice of interactive debates and workshops, as well as enjoy a bar, music and the Museum’s new Designology exhibition.

Brain food with a twist - Late Debate at London Transport Museum Thursday 28 July 2016

‘Brain food with a twist’ – The first ever Late Debate at London Transport Museum will take place on Thursday 28 July 2016

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DevelopersTech Partnerships

MasterCard Trip Hack competition – June 3-5

Part of TfL’s commitment to open data and working in collaboration with key organisations to develop innovative solutions for our customers, we’re a partner for MasterCard’s three-day Trip Hack which launches on Friday June 3. Coding takes place on Saturday and the event concludes on Sunday June 5 when the £10,000 prize will be awarded to the winning team. 


Contactless has changed the daily commute for Londoners, and Trip Hack builds on efforts to find, develop and launch new commerce applications for a generation that thinks differently about money and payments.

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AWS User Group UK event – Wed May 25

The latest AWS User Group UK event takes place this week, on Wed 25th May from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM. The first session will be presented by expert speakers from TfL, with a discussion of our open data journey.

You can see full details of the evening’s agenda, including the sessions following ours, and register to attend by following this link (if there are still places available).

Following last month's traffic data hack day hosted by AWS , we'll be presenting at their user group event this week

Following last month’s traffic data hack day hosted by AWS, we’ll be presenting our open data journey at the AWS user group event this week

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London Data City | Data Nation Challenge – Extra Info

As previously posted on this blog, London Data City | Data Nation was launched on 12 April, with a series of 6 month-long challenges being undertaken by teams in London and Singapore.

The first in the series of challenges is the Transport and Mobility challenge, which is now underway and runs until Monday 16 May.

At the launch event for the challenge Rikesh Shah, Lead Digital Relationship Manager at TfL, introduced our open data policy and set the scene for the challenge. Following up on the launch event, Rikesh has a message for the participants with some handy extra info:

Dear all,

I hope you’re all enjoying the challenge.

At the launch of the Data Nation challenge I promised that I would provide more information about TfL, with a particular focus on customer insight. So, I am delighted to provide a link to some useful information.

In particular, have a look at Chapter 7 which focuses on Customer Experience.

Good luck!

All the best,

Rikesh Shah,
Transport for London


TfL Open Data Evening 21 April – Register Now

**This event is now fully booked.**

Join us for a TfL Open Data Evening at the AWS Loft on Thursday 21 April to gain a deeper understanding of how you can access and utilise TfL’s open data feeds through our Unified API.

Where and when

Venue: AWS Loft
Brew Eagle House 163 City Rd, London EC1V 1NR
View on Google Maps

21 April 2016 18:30 – 20:30

Register for the event here


It was announced last week that over the course of the last six months, more than 2,000 new developers have signed up for access to our open data, making a total of around 8,200 developers now registered for TfL’s Unified API.

Almost 500 apps are now being directly powered by our open data, helping Londoners plan their journeys with real-time information about our public transport and road networks.

As Phil Young, Head of TfL Online explains:

“Across London, millions of people use apps powered by our open data to check the Tube, find a bus or see how the roads are running.

This same data powers our website, allowing customers to choose between using or simply downloading apps which are directly powered by us. We’re committed to making our information freely available to help stimulate new products and services.”

Following our Traffic Data Hack Day hosted by Amazon Web Services earlier this month, join us for this week’s AWS Loft event on Thursday 21 April at 6:30PM to find out more about our open data and how developers can work with it.


Following the Traffic Data Hack Day earlier this month, AWS are again hosting us for this week’s Loft session

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Data City | Data Nation Launch – The Challenge is Underway

The London Data City | Data Nation challenge was launched on the morning of Tuesday 12 April at an event hosted by Digital Catapult. The launch event outlined the context and details of the 6 month-long challenge being undertaken by teams in London and Singapore, starting with the Transport and Mobility challenge that runs until Monday 16 May.

In partnership with TfL, the Greater London Authority and Ford, Digital Catapult are setting challenges based around 2 key questions:

Public Transport Challenge

How can we accurately identify, filter and characterise transportation delay events across large-scale, dynamic, multi-modal transportation systems?

Enabling users to make seamless progress towards their destination. People need help to very quickly identify breaks in the system and need greater help for decision making in case the system breaks and when to abandon their plans for a better option. Participants need to choose data sources (from sandbox or beyond) to achieve the end goal.

Road Network Challenge

How can we enhance customer service and experience across London’s road network?

Through Data City | Data Nation we intend to deliver new technology solutions that help understand and predict events on London’s road network and go about enhancing the overall customer experience whilst travelling that network. TfL will provide SCOOT traffic data (described in more detail here) to participants of the challenge that is not yet publicly available.

We’ll update this blog as key milestones in the challenge are met, and will of course announce the winners in May. Good luck to all taking part!

Setting the scene for the challenge

There were many expert speakers setting the context and details of the challenge, and their presentations are summarised below.

Rikesh Shah

Rikesh Shah, Lead Relationship Manager at TfL, introduced our open data policy and what data would be released for the challenge

Introduction – Chirdeep Chhabra, Digital Catapult

  • Digital Catapult’s 4 main areas of focus: Sharing of data between organisations, personal data, content and licensed data and data generated across the Internet of Things
  • Data City | Data Nation overview: Brings together London and Singapore and private sector closed data in a sandbox for innovation, 6 months duration for the whole challenge. Transport and Mobility starts today
  • Aim is to produce new insight into public services and private products
  • Email for more info

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Data City | Data Nation – Transport and Mobility Event


Join us for the launch of the London Data City | Data Nation transport and mobility challenge on Tuesday 12 April. Hosted by Digital Catapult, this event will set the scene for the challenge with industry stakeholders and keynote speakers alongside leading transport organisations.

TfL have agreed the challenges with Ford, the other partner for this event, and we’ll also be providing expert speakers and judges and offering technical support to the participants. We’ll be providing open data from our Unified API as well as the historic Traffic Data Enquiry System (TDES) data generated by SCOOT traffic sensors across London (which detect traffic flows at junctions and then optimise traffic signals every second to help keep vehicles moving).

Our TDES data hasn’t been made publicly available yet, so we’re hoping to see some great innovative solutions to some of the key transport and mobility challenges, from participants both in London and Singapore.

This event is another example of our continuing commitment to open data with over 8,000 registered users, as well as our determination to open up our data and support the developer community as much as possible to help create great products and solutions that help London keep working and growing, and make life in the city better.

Where and when

Venue: Digital Catapult Centre
101 Euston Road, London, NW1 2RA
View on Google Maps

12 April 2016 09:00 – 12:00

To register

You can register for the event here

We'll be making our Traffic Data Enquiry System data available to the participants of the challenge

We’ll be making our Traffic Data Enquiry System data available to the participants of the challenge

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