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Meeting with Transport for All – planning accessible journeys

Senior members of the TfL Online, Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement teams met with representatives of Transport for All on Thursday. The meeting was called to discuss how TfL can improve the experience of using Journey Planner for wheelchair users and those with accessibility needs.

This gave us a great opportunity to engage with a very knowledgeable group who were able to give us valuable insights into how we can continue to make improvements to Journey Planner and the way we serve our information.

A key outcome for Transport for All is that these improvements will mean wheelchair users are not reliant on personal experience and knowledge of travelling in London, and are instead served more accurate, reliable information to plan journeys. It‘s crucial that those with accessibility needs aren’t put off making certain journeys due to any gaps or inaccuracies in the information they receive.

TfL members of staff discuss how to improve wheelchair users' experience of using Journey Planner with Transport for All.

TfL members of staff discuss how to improve wheelchair users’ experience of using Journey Planner with Transport for All.

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Journey Planner – More options now available

From today you’ll notice that we’re now providing more options by default in Journey Planner.

In addition to the fastest public transport journey, we now also calculate bus only, Santander cycles, cycling and walking journeys. Through other buttons on the journey results you can access routes for full step-free access, least walking and fewest changes.

We’ve also fixed some problems people were having with planning from certain stations like Watford Junction, which stemmed from a data issue.

updates to JP

Journey Planner now offers more default options for completing your journey, with many more improvements to follow in the near future.

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Ruislip Lido Railway on Journey Planner

Just as summer has finally arrived, Ruislip Lido Railway and the associated places of interest are now available in our Journey Planner solutions. This means that it’s possible to plan a journey from anywhere in London to any of the Lido Railway stations. Journey Planner will give you detailed instructions about the train service. That is, the train to catch as well as accessibility and ticket information. You can literally “catch the big train, to the little train!”

The railway operates mainly weekends and throughout the summer. It is the longest narrow (12 inch) gauge railway in Britain. The 120-capacity, fully-accessible trains run on tracks that loop around a 60-acre lake in Ruislip Lido. We believe that it is important to keep in touch with the communities that use our services, offering journey solutions to popular destinations.

Ruislip Lido Railway and the associated places of interest are now available in our Journey Planner solutions.

Ruislip Lido Railway and the associated places of interest are now available in our Journey Planner solutions.

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Journey Planner and Airports

In this post, I’m taking a look at how Journey Planner provides information on travelling to airports. This is very topical at the moment, with London Travel Watch (LTW) producing a report called Improving Public Transport Access to London Airports earlier this month. The report is available to download from this page.

For several years, the different airlines at Heathrow have been available as Points of Interest within Journey Planner. This means customers can enter their airline name to be routed directly to check-in, without needing to check which terminal they are flying from.  This information fully reflects the latest moves into Terminal 2.

The different airlines at Heathrow are included as Points of Interest within Journey Planner

The different airlines at Heathrow are included as Points of Interest, so you can be routed directly to check-in.

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Journey Planner and Accessibility

Myself and the Journey Planner team all attended the Access All Areas event at ExCeL London at the start of this month, which was a free public exhibition and conference about disabled and older people’s access to transport.

The event highlighted current and future innovations aimed at making it easier for everyone to get out and about in London. It also provided an opportunity for disabled and older people and their organisations to discuss priorities for accessibility with leaders in the transport field, whilst giving our team a valuable insight into how to further develop our information and options related to accessibility.

Journey Planner Accessibility

Journey Planner will provide customised journeys based upon your accessibility requirements

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Journey Planner – Getting to Sports Grounds

With six Premier League football grounds and seven Football League sides in London, not to mention the likes of the Olympic Stadium, Wembley, Twickenham and Lord’s, it’s little surprise that one of the first innovations on Journey Planner was to add the different entrances to sports venues as points of interest.

This originated with the opening of Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium in 2006, but has evolved to include all other sports grounds in the London area, and was a vital contribution to the effective Travel Demand Management (TDM) approach used during the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Emirates Stadium

Adding different entrances to sports grounds into Journey Planner started with The Emirates Stadium in 2006.

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Journey Planner – Data Updates

The second in this series of posts looks more broadly at Journey Planner, offering an introduction to how data is made available on the system, from the research stage through to release.

Because we aim to ensure the system is as accurate and as broad-ranging as possible, we have recently increased the frequency of our data updates, which are now up to five times a week.

Journey Planner

Bus and Underground timetables are imported from internal systems and are subject to further processing to ensure they are correctly reflected in journey solutions.

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Journey Planner – Points of Interest

This is the first in a series of posts covering new or existing functionalities of Journey Planner, with the intention being that users (including developers subscribing to the API) can get the best from the system. In this post I’ll be looking at Points of Interest (POIs) and how we aim to make this information as comprehensive as possible, as well as asking for your suggestions for any new POIs you feel should be added to the system.

We believe that the Journey Planner should not just be accurate, but tailored to the needs of people who use it. To support this we actively manage a detailed database of Points of Interest within Journey Planner, covering places people are likely to travel by public transport, or cycle to. This is a combination of a bulk upload, and points we have added ourselves.

Journey Planner - Points of Interest

Journey Planner includes lots of attractions advertised in complementary publications such as Time Out

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Journey Planner Update



I’m Gerard, and I work on the data side of the new Journey Planner, contributing to its technical specification.

Complementing the award-winning user experience work being done on the new website, we are hard at work ensuring that the dataset which powers Journey Planner is constantly being improved to meet the ever-growing demands of website users and open data subscribers.

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