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New website – 2 weeks since launch

It’s now been two weeks since our new site launched, and hopefully you’re getting used to the changes we’ve made. Behind the scenes, the team have been monitoring services and analysing feedback to log and prioritise fixes and improvements.

Shortly after launch we posted on this blog with replies to some of the most common questions we had received through your feedback. Here is an updated summary of the more recent feedback themes and what we’ve done about them, along with a site usage update.

Planned Works

Tube weekend closures are available from the Status Updates page

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New website: Your questions answered

Since the new website launched on Monday evening it has served over 6 million pages in 1 million visits from 900,000 customers. This is a little more than normal, reflecting the increased interest around the new site.

TfL website page views

Page views from first two days of new TfL website

Your feedback

We’ve also received plenty of useful feedback with the full range of opinions, from the site being great through to hopelessly flawed. In this post I’ll try and address some of your key questions and explain our thinking a little.

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Video: Introducing the new TfL website

The posts on this blog have kept you up to date on the design and development of our new website and given you a look behind the scenes as the build has progressed.

With the new site just about to launch, this short video summarises the key features and improvements we’ve made and what you can expect from the new site.



Social Media – A forum for feedback


TfL’s social channels have played a key role in providing feedback on the Beta website

Our social media presence has been growing at an incredible pace in recent years as more and more users access the internet on mobile devices and real time information on the move becomes ever more important to our customers. To put that growth into context, just two years ago we had 2 Twitter feeds and 1 Facebook page with around 13,000 followers, and today we have 25 Twitter feeds and 2 Facebook pages with around 1.34 million followers.

Facebook Interaction

As our audience has grown, interaction with our social content has risen dramatically

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Website stats – Big numbers getting bigger

TfL’s Web Analysts look at how weather events and changing technology are impacting site traffic

An analyst likes unusual numbers – especially big ones, and a couple of what we call ‘weather events’ provided us with plenty of excitement in 2013. In October, the stormy weather saw record visits to TfL’s mobile website as commuters braved the adverse conditions to make their way to work. As those on the move sought out the latest travel information, nearly 730,000 visits were made to the mobile site on Monday October 28th, compared to 156,000 the previous Monday.

Looking back a little further, we had a record-breaking month in January 2013 as snow caused disruption to much of the country’s travel network . As the snow started to fall on January 18th, the desktop site was visited over a million times between 10am and 6pm – nearly 4 times the usual Friday traffic and TfL’s websites overall received nearly 5 million more visits during the month compared to the previous January (22m vs 17.3 m).

Visits to TfL's  mobile website 2013

October 28th 2013 saw nearly 730,000 visits to the TFL website

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Journey Planner Update



I’m Gerard, and I work on the data side of the new Journey Planner, contributing to its technical specification.

Complementing the award-winning user experience work being done on the new website, we are hard at work ensuring that the dataset which powers Journey Planner is constantly being improved to meet the ever-growing demands of website users and open data subscribers.

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Creating quality online content for TfL


current site

Most people come to the TfL website to find out how to get from A-B. It’s that simple, and they don’t look at much else.

But as well as great tools, the website has to carry a lot of information. Some of it is stuff that we want to tell you, but a lot of it is stuff that you need to know – or at least need to be able to find when you need it.

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