Visual design strategy: part 1



Building solid foundations

First came the brief: Design a new look and feel for a site used by 75% of Londoners that already has a satisfaction score of 90% and working in an ‘agile’ project with the TfL team and two other agencies.

No problem, we’ll just go and fetch our thinking caps and get started.

However, what we hadn’t quite appreciated was the fact that when you’re in the pub in London and you mention you are working on the new TfL site – absolutely EVERYBODY has an opinion.

So no pressure then…

Where on earth to begin?

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Creating quality online content for TfL


current site

Most people come to the TfL website to find out how to get from A-B. It’s that simple, and they don’t look at much else.

But as well as great tools, the website has to carry a lot of information. Some of it is stuff that we want to tell you, but a lot of it is stuff that you need to know – or at least need to be able to find when you need it.

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The new beta site: a fortnight on

phil_100x100graph_blogThe beta version of our new site has now been live to the public since Tuesday 25th June, and since then we’ve been analysing the steady flow of feedback and statistics. Traffic to the site has steadied into regular patterns with the busiest time proving to be at the weekend, and mobile devices being the predominant way in which you are using the new site. And already a growing number of you are now clearly using the beta site as your primary source of TfL travel information.

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Running guerrilla research for the new TfL website

lucia_100x100IMG_9489For the 11 weeks prior to the new website’s launch, TfL talked to 90 commuters at St James’ Park Station; you could have been one of them. We recruited passers-by on one day a week, from March to May 2013. If you did happen to take part, please leave a comment below – we’d love to hear your feedback!

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Putting customers at the heart of our design process

michael_headshot_100x100blog post 1

As you know, we’ve just released an early preview (or ‘beta’ version) of the new TfL website so that we can get some early feedback on it. This is all part of an ongoing process of designing and testing that we wanted to tell you about. And over the next few weeks we’ll be posting articles here about all of the stages we’ve been through to get to this point.

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New TfL website now available in beta – try it and give us your feedback



Today we’re really pleased to share our new beta website with you. Building a new TfL website is a huge challenge, it’s a big site used by 75% of Londoners. Making it better than before is not simply about giving it a shiny new design or adding pretty pictures, but getting under the skin of exactly what you as the customer need.

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