TfL website in the cloud – why and how

This post is designed to build on the previous posts within this blog that discuss TfL’s choice of cloud hosting for the website. Below are videos of Phil Young, the head of TfL Online, and Solution Architect Dan Mewett speaking about the TfL website and the cloud at events hosted by Amazon Web Services.

These videos provide a good overview of TfL’s choice and implementation of solution, offering insights into why we decided to switch to the cloud and how we’ve made it work.

Speaking at the AWS Government, Education, and Nonprofits UK Symposium 2014, Phil offers a brief intro to TfL and its online services, why we chose the cloud for hosting our new website, how the site was built and what our experiences were in the first 6 months or so after launch.

Dan was speaking at the 2015 AWS Summit London, focusing on issues such as how the cloud powers our services, auto scaling, security and disaster recovery in the cloud as well as other key aspects of our platform implementation.



  1. Hi – not sure this is the right place to leave this, but I wanted to mention two things about the TFL site. Firstly, there is an issue with displaying the route from Crystal Palace (where I live) into London Victoria as part of a journey. For example, if I search for a journey from Crystal Palace to Euston, it gives various convoluted options rather than going direct to Victoria then taking the Victoria line, which is clearly the easiest.

    Secondly, less importantly, it’s pretty irritating to only display one option in the first results after a journey search, as this is often totally inappropriate. I appreciated you can see more options by clicking ‘show later/earlier’ but this seems an unnecessary step. Thanks for listening!

  2. If the TFL site is cloud-hosted, how is it that I still cannot log into the site, and always get “Sorry, we were unable to process your request. This may be because our server is too busy or experiencing technical difficulties preventing it from responding to requests at this time”

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