Data drop – Fares information

What’s changing

Later this week we’re planning to add some fares information to the “Journey” endpoint of the TfL Unified API. This will be shown on TfL’s online Journey Planner, and developers using the Unified API will be able to show the same fares information.


In detail

We will provide and display the adult pay as you go fare for any journey which is fully pay as you go, made up of only Buses, Underground, DLR, TfL Rail, Overground, Trams, Thames Clipper, Emirates Air Line and some National Rail. The peak or off-peak fare will be given based on the time of the journey.


How the change will appear

The “Fare” property in the Unified API response is currently null, we’ll be populating it with a “Fare” object.

In addition to the fare itself, the “Fare” object also contains a breakdown of the cost, and more information about how to pay the fare, what time to travel, etc. This information should be made available on any platform using the fares information, to ensure users know how to pay the expected fare.