A new interview series

A peek into

Hello, it’s the TfL Digital team here! We’d like to welcome you to our new insightful series; A peek into… Where we will take a glance into the vast array of people and teams we work closely with to bring you the best digital experiences.

A continuous flow of online and offline experiences shapes our lives – as we dip in and out of digital services, we discover new things, make decisions, plan, pay, find our way, change our mind, adopt new habits. This long stream of conversations, micro-transactions and instant content, has become the fabric of our relationships with each other and the private and public services we rely on.

What matters is the experience – how quick it is, how surprising, how painless, starting here and continuing there, getting something done, being in touch…

In order for us to create these experiences we have to understand the complex relationship between data, policy, technology, APIs, our customers, our stations, our roads, our wide TfL network… This series is a window into that world and the people who help us do our work so that we can provide the public with the best services possible.

Stay tuned!