We’re delighted to announce that the TfL Tech Forum is now live, and is ready for you to use right away. With more than 11,000 developers working with our open data to develop innovative products, the TfL Tech Forum will be a lively space where developers can connect with experts from the TfL Online team, providing a platform for discussion around all aspects of our open data and Unified API. With over 600 travel apps powered by TfL, it’s great to see new product features being developed, and a key area of focus is accessibility (see this previous blog) – we encourage you to develop new features for your product using our data.    

The TfL Tech Forum is now live and ready to use. Connect with our technical team and other developers to discuss all aspects of our open data and Unified API

The forum is there to report any issues that come up when you’re working with our open data products, and you’ll also be able to learn about any new datasets and Unified API features that we release. You’ll also be able give us feedback on our data, and request new datasets that would enhance the products you’re working on.

Crucially, our technical team will be available for help and support with how to use our API, and you’ll be able to enter into conversations with the experts to ensure that you are getting the most our of our data.

You can sign up for the forum at https://techforum.tfl.gov.uk/.

You can see some forum FAQs here https://techforum.tfl.gov.uk/faq and forum guidelines and terms of service herehttps://techforum.tfl.gov.uk/tos.

In the meantime, should you have any initial queries, please send an email to digital@tfl.gov.uk or leave a comment or question in the comments section below.

Posted by Stephen Irvine

Stephen is the Community Manager and Digital Blog editor for Transport for London

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