Bus Strike – Tools to help you get around

As many people will by now be aware, members of the Unite union have proposed the first of three 24-hour strikes on London buses from around 04:00 on Thursday 5 February. Two further 24-hour strikes are planned by Unite for Friday 13 and Monday 16 February. We will be working to keep London moving during the disruption and the intention of this post is to point you in the direction of our most useful digital tools to help you plan your journey.

On our website, you can find travel advice and further information on the strike including details of bus routes that are not affected and should be running a normal service. We also have a range of other tools on our website and social media channels that you can use to help you get around during the strike.

Nearby Tool
Using our Nearby tool, your current location can be placed on a map showing you Tube, bus, river, Overground, DLR, National Rail and Cycle Hire locations around you.

Social media updates during the strike

  • Follow @TfLBusAlerts for all the latest updates on the bus network and those bus services that are unaffected by the strike.
  • Follow @TfLTravelAlerts for real-time info for Tube, DLR, Overground, trams and Emirates Air Line services to help you plan an alternative journey.
  • Follow @TfLTrafficNews for real-time updates on London’s roads if you are planning to drive.
  • If you are taking the Tube, you can follow individual Tube lines’ own feeds for tailored information on those lines that are relevant to your planned journey. You can find details of all these Twitter feeds on the Social Media Updates page on our website.
Planned Works
Various tools on our website including Journey Planner, Nearby and Status Updates will help you plan your journey during the bus strike.

Tools on our site to help you plan your journey 

  • Journey Planner will help you plan your journey in London by public transport, cycling or walking.
  • The Nearby tool uses your current location or a postcode / address of your choice and places you on a map, showing you Tube, bus, river, Overground, DLR, National Rail and Cycle Hire locations around you.
  • Bus countdown shows you live arrivals at any of our bus stops, so you know when the next bus is coming if you are using a route unaffected by the strike.

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