Archived: New study quantifies value of open data to London

Further to the Shakespeare Review which used TfL’s open data activity as a case study in 2013, we asked Deloitte to carry out a more comprehensive study on the value of open data to our customers, users and London overall.

Northern ticket hall entrance to Kings Cross St. Pancras Underground station
There are more than 600 apps powered by TfL’s open data, and these are used by as much as 42% of Londoners.

The debate around the financial value of open data is an on-going one, but this study indicates that the value is up to £130m per year to London, which backs up our belief that making the data freely and transparently available is the right thing to do.

With over 80 different types of data feed, there are more than 600 apps powered by TfL data, and these are used by as much as 42% of Londoners. It’s great to see our community of over 13,000 developers producing customer-facing products that enable users to receive information about London’s transport network through their channel of choice.

Our rationale behind open data is to:

  • increase customer reach
  • inspire more innovation
  • be open and transparent
  • be quicker to market

As well as the above, we recognise the value that our open data approach brings to the economy in terms of customer time, saved by having the right information at their fingertips. Additionally, many of you have created some great businesses that employ people bringing value to London’s economy.

Going forward, we want to continue to engage with you through hackathons, our tech forum, face-to-face meetings and feedback on this blog. We recognise that by working closely with you in partnership, this will lead to more innovative and productive outputs for Londoners.

Two particular themes that we’d like to hear about in coming weeks and months are around improving our information to make our network more accessible, and to support the Mayor’s Healthier Streets agenda, encouraging people to use more active forms of transport as they move around the Capital.

Feel free to download the report here.