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TfL TravelBot: Designing the conversation

As you may already know if you’re following this blog, we recently released the TfL TravelBot on Facebook Messenger. If you haven’t read them yet, Steven and Charul’s posts will give you a bit of background.
Check out TravelBot here or search for TfL TravelBot in the messenger application. In this post I will explore the reasons for introducing a conversational bot and our learnings around the design of conversation.

Diverse backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles mean that we all use different words to talk about things. This can become frustrating when you’re trying to find something on a website.

In our team, we try to label things in a way that most users will understand, but are well aware of the fact that we will never be able to cater for everyone. This means that some users have to change the way they think to match what they are looking for.

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Facebook Messenger: TfL TravelBot

We’re proud to introduce our Facebook Messenger TravelBot, which has the ability to provide updates on bus arrivals as well as Tube and bus status updates.

Through our two Facebook pages – the main TfL page and the London Underground page – we deal with a huge number of queries every day, and we wanted to make it even easier for customers to get our information on the Facebook platform in a way that’s fast and straightforward. With the open data in our Unified API already helping to provide live information on many services like third-party apps and Twitter alerts, we hope this will be another big step towards enabling customers to quickly and easily access the information they need via social media. 

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Twitter alerts: New Status Checker and Improved Alerts & Weekly Travel Advice

We’re proud to introduce our Twitter status checker, as well as improved Twitter alerts and weekly travel advice. In partnership with Twitter, we’ve added the ability to instantly check the status of your line and improved the services that we introduced earlier this year. Improvements include an easier way to manage your subscriptions – all through Twitter direct messages, supported by ‘quick replies‘. And, for new users, it’s easier to subscribe because you can do it all within a direct message on our accounts.

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Twitter Pilot – Weekend Travel Advice Direct Messages

For around five years we’ve been informing customers about travel disruption through our @TfLTravelAlerts account. It’s one of our most popular and together with our Tube and rail accounts, we manage over 30,000 interactions every month, including questions about weekend planned works and changes due to events such as marathons and festivals.

We’re continuously looking for ways to improve the information we provide through the Travel Alerts account, and this year we’ve focused on providing ahead-of-time travel advice and major disruptions to help customers plan ahead.
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Twitter Pilot – Major Disruption Notifications

Since 2012 we’ve been providing service updates for all our Tube lines and other modes of transport through Twitter. Customers tell us it’s useful to know when disruption is impacting their journey, and this has been a key factor behind our social media followers reaching more than 4 million people.

On top of this, over 8,000 developers are using the open data in our Unified API to build apps that help our customers plan their journeys and avoid unnecessary delays, with over 42% of Londoners using around 500 apps powered by TfL’s open data.

meeting with Twitter

We’ve worked closely with Twitter to develop a pilot that notifies followers when there are major disruptions on specific lines.

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